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Welcome to Montreal Ruby on Rails web development Canada, the only place for all the courses and tutorials you will ever need. Our website is dedicated to giving you all the information you need for every aspect of your website development using Ruby on Rails. This includes courses and tutorials on gamification, Rail gems you can use, and so much more. Our experts understand exactly what you need and our user-friendly courses will take you from beginner to professional Ruby user in no time at all. For those users who love playing online casino games, is definitely the right place to be. Here you can find safe online casinos with the best promotional deals that Canadian players enjoy.

Why Choose Ruby on Rails Montreal and What Can it Do For Your Web Applications

A lot of customers in Montreal ask us why we choose Ruby on Rails for web development and the answer is simple. There are so many advantages to using this framework especially when it comes to gamification. Before we talk about all that though, let's first explain what Ruby on Rails is. Ruby on Rails is a development tool or framework that can be used for web development. It provides the structure for all the code you need to write. It abstracts and simplifies common repetitive tasks that are used in website and application development.

Rails is written in Ruby which is the programming language. One of the key principles is convention over configuration, meaning programmers don't have to spend a great deal of time configuring files to get set up. As a result, it speeds up the development process. There are number of advantages to using Ruby on Rails and these include:

  • Programming is much faster when compared to other frameworks
  • The Rails conventions make it easy for developers to move between different Rails projects
  • It's excellent for rapid application development and the framework make accommodating changes very easy
  • Ruby code is easy to read which increases productivity
  • There is a strong focus on testing
  • It's open source which means there are no licensing costs involved

The number of users opting for Ruby on Rails web development in Montreal has grown exponentially and the amount of open source code (gems) which is available is huge. There are over 64,000 gems that can be used to enhance applications and these include the merit gem which is a core component of gamification.

Ruby on Rails and Gamification

Gamification is all about making applications and website more interactive. Gamification involves a number of items and more and more online casinos are adopting this technology to develop bonus and reward programs for players. This is the case with online casino sites, and it is proven to be a successful method. See how this process works by submitting to the best no deposit deals for free casino games presented by this expert. You will find gamification in all the games that have been developed over the past number of years. Gamification is all about rewarding users so whether it's a badge or achievement status, points, or something similar, it is something that all developers must consider. Gamification is used in all productivity apps and as we mentioned at online casinos. Below are some of the ways that Ruby on Rails can be used in web development to encourage and motivate users.

  • Points: This is where users earn points for playing games or completing a task. Online casinos offer loyalty points as a way to reward users for playing games. The more they play the more points they get and these can then be redeemed for free spins, bonuses, and even free cash. Points can also be used in VIP programs and the more points players have the more benefits they get.
  • Leaderboards: Another very good way to use gamification, leaderboards are perfect for competitions and tournaments and the higher your score the higher up the leaderboard you go. We've all seen this in games and online casinos use leaderboards for tournaments with huge cash prizes. Players who remain near the top of the leaderboard win big and this encourages them to play more.
  • Goals/Missions Within Games: Players get bored so adding goals and missions into games keeps them motivated, and they spend more time playing too. When they complete a mission they get a reward or bonus.

These are just some of the ways that Ruby on Rails gamification can be used and if you want to find out more, be sure to check out our development courses and tutorials. You'll only find them here on Montreal Web Design Canada and our experts are always on hand to discuss special projects too.

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