The Best Gamification Apps for 2023

Gamification is everywhere. It's in to-do-list apps, games, online casinos, and practically all apps in some form or other in 2023. Gamification encourages users to get more done. To achieve this, they include goals and rewards. Certain apps reward you for achieving fitness goals and you can share these achievements with your friends. Businesses use gamification apps to boost employee engagement and even school systems are incorporating this new technology to help improve education.

PokemonGo clearly shows how gamified productivity can work, and was responsible for gamifying walking. Research showed that it significantly increased physical activity in users. Below you will find our list of best gamification apps that will help you get more out of your life each day.

Best Gamification Apps For Increased Productivity in 2023


This is a to-do-list type app that makes completing tasks fun. The app has been designed so that users earn experience points for every task they complete. The app also provides users with quests and opportunities to level up. The fun part of the app is that users are penalized and their personal stats suffer if they don't complete their tasks. HabitRPG also has compelling multiplayer capabilities and users can receive social feedback from other players which will help to encourage them and keep them on track using personalized motivation and feedback.

Super Better

The Super Better app has been designed to help users conquer bad habit and make the process of quitting something like smoking or maintaining an exercise program, a lot more fun and easier. This gamified productivity app includes rewards and quests where users unlock new challenges on their path to health and well-being. User statistics are also provided which help motivate users and keep them consistent in reaching their goals. There is also a Secret Lab included where users can track their progress and brainstorm ways to do better if they find themselves slipping. Social support is included in the form of Allies (other players) and this helps to create accountability as well as motivate users to stay on track.

Epic Win

This app is similar to HabitRPG but with more fun attached. Users checking off completed items in this app will find the experience more exciting as they play as a character who gets to level up when tasks are completed. One of the great features of this app is that users get to assign attributes to each task in term of the type of abilities that are required. These include intellect, strength and stamina. People who enjoy entertaining gaming environments that are characterized by high-quality graphics and sound effects will love Epic Win. It a great gamification app for tracking productivity and to-do-lists.

Task Hammer

This is a role-playing gamification app. Users get to play as one of three different characters. The barbarian, rogue, or sorceress and they also get to establish certain attributes of each task such as strength or charisma. There are lots of great features included to help users better organize their tasks too including the ability to specify tasks as a repeating part of a regular routine, mark tasks by priority as well as due dates, and take notes on tasks.


This is one of the best gamification apps for personal productivity. It's all about helping users stay in shape and make time for exercise. Fitocracy allows users to log their workouts and celebrate when they have completed certain challenges. Getting fit becomes a game and players can win badges, level up, and battle against other members as well. Social influence is included in the app and makes it a little addictive.


This gamification app was designed to help users see the best moments from their past. It does this by showing them photos and status updates that you shared on your social media profile at some point in the past. Most people are familiar with this on Facebook memories and with Timehop, the gamification aspect is where the app lets you know how many consecutive days in a row you've shared a memory. The more days the bigger your sharing streak.

Casumo Casino

Productivity apps are great but what about when it comes to having some fun? Even online casinos are making use of gamification in their products and this is usually done with rewards and points. Casumo Casino is one of the original gamification casinos and users here get to take part in missions, level up, compete in amazing casino races, and more. The more they play, the more points and rewards they can earn and there is always something happening so you never get bored. It's the perfect way to have some fun and even win real money.

Most gamification apps use Ruby on Rails framework with a merit gem. The gamification element has made these apps a success and we're sure that as we go through 2023 we'll see even more gamified productivity programs being created too.