Ruby On Rails vs PHP

Businesses and companies throughout the globe all relies on technological advancements in our generation, making it ever important to have programs and applications that will enable them to serve their best to their consumers or clients. Having said that, it is evident that the sector of the programming industry is one of the most brimming today but with plenty of technologies out there to choose from, you'll surely be thinking about what you should use.

Out of all the debates continuously rampaging throughout the industry, the battle of Ruby on Rails VS PHP has definitely reeled in the biggest crowd. The two has diversities that set them apart from each other but, not many may be able to tell what those differences are. Montreal On Rails is here to demystify the battle between the two and help you find out what their differences are in a concise and simple manner. With the information provided below, you'll surely have a better insight as to what you should choose to use or learn later on.


The first thing that you ought to understand is that the two is seemingly apart from each other just based on their nature alone. The ruby is the language but Ruby on Rails Language is a framework. Looking at the PHP side, PHP is the server-side scripting language but when it comes to frameworks, PHP Also has its own which includes Zend, Laravel, Code Igniter and more.

You'll surely want to know what between the two is more complex than the other. PHP and its frameworks are said to provide a more difficult time for its developers. It is more complex and with it comes more confusing aspects that may put some developers in dismay. On the other hand, Ruby on Rails emphasizes on making sure that the process of developing is easier. Though this is with the expense of the complexity of the framework, rendering developers with a fewer options of features compared to PHP, this still makes it easier for one to apply and even learn Ruby on Rails. The powerful framework is truly something that would minimizes user confusion.


Of course, the complexity of the technology isn't always the most important thing and it is only right for you to look at the core of things which is the Performance and the speed of the technology. Performance and Speed of Ruby on Rails VS PHP is one of the hottest topic today and there is quite the difference between the two. For the former, being a full-stack framework which has its eyes on providing the most convenient production area for developers, it is easy to use and develop with but, its speed and numbers of requests per second are at an all-time low when compared to pure PHP.

When using the Pure PHP programming language, although it would be more complex to make from scratch, it comes with superior speed even when compared to many languages out there since it is a programming language geared for the web platform. However, if you look into the direction of frameworks of PHP and compare it to the Ruby on Rails, you'll find out that they ought to be roughly the same. This is because PHP when packed with its framework, follows the stand of providing a friendly environment for developers but by compromising its superior speed.

Job Opportunity

When it comes to job posting, PHP comes with more job opportunities compared to Ruby on Rails. It may seem bad for this to happen but in fact, having less job opportunities makes it a rarer opportunity that you must grab. Since it is also a rarer opportunity, its salary comes at a higher price as well.